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Based on where most of your customers reside, it’s helpful to know where a 3PL’s warehouses are located. This can help you keep merchandise within shipping zones, allowing you to provide same-day or two-day shipping. When deciding on a 3PL parcel transportation provider, explain your origin and destination locations and the timeframes you expect for stock to move between. For example, they might transport inventory between your factory and warehouse. They could also transfer stock between your store and a retail buyer.

Universal is one of the largest truckload transporters in North America. We are a full-service transportation provider with an extensive fleet of dry van, flat-bed and specialized equipment, and with a comprehensive geographic footprint. We use expertise coupled with great corporate relationships to help make your shipping, insurance and logistics experience one of the easiest. Take a partnership approach to supplier management.“The following three principles, if followed, will help your company graduate toward best-in-class supplier performance management.

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‘Perfect order’ should form the basis for measuring service performance and to develop new service standards. Logistics management plays a vital role in enhancing the customer lifetime value by increasing customer satisfaction and enhanced customer retention. In any business, especially in the transportation business, good customer service is a top priority. This is because customer satisfaction helps the business survive and grow simultaneously. The final measure is to confirm that the 3PL integrates with your existing inventory management system, order management system, order processing software, and/or warehouse management solution. Decide whether you prefer a refund or credit if shipments aren’t fulfilled on time.

  • Next, calculate the optimal reorder point for each SKU so that you can time replenishment correctly and never leave customers waiting on backorders.
  • The final measure is to confirm that the 3PL integrates with your existing inventory management system, order management system, order processing software, and/or warehouse management solution.
  • There are several theories that conclude that if price and quality are equal a company must offer customer service to approximately the same degree as their competitors in order to maintain competitive advantage in a given market.
  • Now it is Christmas Eve and you do not have your package and your unhappiness is growing with every moment.
  • Unavailability of stock has a significant negative effect on total order cycle time, as it takes searching for the stock items, reconciling missing items, and delays in order assembly.
  • Make sure the businesses have the right customer support infrastructure and consistently improve their customer experiences.

Partnering with a 3PL can be particularly beneficial, as 3PLs have excellent working relationships with carriers that can not only secure you bulk shipping discounts, but get more orders out to carriers more often. Depending on how efficient your warehousing operations are, orders may be processed, picked, and packed within a few hours. It’s the shipping process — and all its complications, delays, shipping clerk job description and hiccups — that takes the longest time. Building rapport and trust takes time, and one must commit to paying vendors on time, always being respectful, and communicating effectively. With enough consistency, you can form a long-term partnership that may help you reduce lead times, save money, and even secure more favorable contract terms, volume discounts, and expansion opportunities.

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Consider implementing cross docking procedures.“Within cross docking lies many tactics in how to make it all work to your benefit. If you are a retailer that sells various types of goods, cross docking can use ‘consolidation’ which would take small shipments and compile them into one large transport.

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When comparing, retaining customers costs 4 to 10 times less than the cost of acquiring new customers. Order constraints are preset expectations or requirements that prevent flexibility in order processing and delivery. Due to the order constraints, the cost of order processing and delivery can increase. The example of order constraints includes minimum order size, fixed days for receiving order, maintained specifications for order, etc. Order constraints also help with the order planning as the restrictions are known ahead of time. According to the logistic planners, presetting the delivery schedule, order conditions, packaging, etc. help the business to impose a organized processing of order and improve the delivery to the customer on time in a great extent. Presetting specifications also help low volume markets serve reliable and efficiently in a continuous manner.