Thank you for choosing Grocery Postal for your grocery delivery needs. We look forward to serving you! We also look forward to growing and building great relationships in the Memphis Metropolitan area! We also understand that in order to grow, it takes delivering outstanding service and gaining the trust of customers just like you. We want to be your grocery delivery partner. We also want you to tell your friends and family about us as well…and to show our appreciation, we’re more than happy to give back! So when you refer us to others, there something in it for you too…we call it GROCERY BUCKS!


Here’s an opportunity to not only save time and trouble by having your groceries convieniently delivered to your door, but to also earn EXTRA CASH by referring others into the Grocery Postal Network! The more people you refer, the more GROCERY BUCKS you will earn each month in REAL CASH!


At Grocery Postal, we offer CUSTOMER COMMISSION! That means you can earn $25 for each person you refer to Grocery Postal who signs up for the service. To qualify, your referral MUST become a PAID enrollee in the Grocery Postal Delievery service. You will also receive a $10 per month residual fee for each person you referred. To qualify, your referral’s enrollment MUST be current by having satisfied their $35 service fee for that particular month.

For example, if you refer 100 people and they become a Grocery Postal customer, you can earn as much as $1000 in each month in residual income. The more PEOPLE you REFER, the more INCOME you will EARN per month.

It’s just that simple. Make REFERRALS. Get REWARDS. Period.

Please email your referrals: Name / Phone to